- SUPER SAPIENSS Derivative Work Guidelines -


SUPER SAPIENSS (hereinafter referred to as "the Project") establishes these Derivative Work Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as "the Guidelines") with the desire to provide various content (hereinafter referred to as "the Content") offered by the Project, so that more fans can enjoy it in a wider range of ways and with peace of mind.

Scope of Derivative Works

  • The Project regards derivative works as creative activities produced through your ingenuity and ideas while drawing inspiration from the Content.
  • For those creations that fall under derivative works and adhere to the Guidelines, we assure you that the Project will not exercise any rights over your creative activities.
  • Those that merely utilize the Content as is or lack originality, such as those that do not go beyond modifications, do not qualify as derivative works and are not subject to the application of the Guidelines. However, they may be permitted for non-commercial and personal use only.

Terms of Use

In the event of a violation of the following conditions, the license for derivative works will automatically be terminated and deemed revoked.

  • refrain from directly using or modifying materials related to the Project (including logos, illustrations, videos, images, scenarios, texts, voices, character names, music, etc.) for derivative works. It is important to note that creating traced versions of these materials, even if done by yourself, is not permitted.
  • Please refrain from misrepresenting yourself as an official representative of the Project or engaging in any activities or making statements that could potentially lead to such a misunderstanding.
  • Please avoid any actions that harm the reputation or community of the Project. Additionally, refrain from engaging in activities that violate public order and morality, or exceed socially acceptable limits.
  • Please refrain from using the derivative works for immoral or aggressive purposes, or in a way that leads to defamation of others.
  • In the event of a request from the Project to cease the use of derivative works and their creations, please immediately comply with the request and cease all usage.

Application for Usage

  • In the event of commercially utilizing derivative works, it is required to submit an application through the provided form below and obtain permission from the Project.

    Application Form URL

  • Even for non-commercial use, the aforementioned application is necessary when distributing copies of derivative works.
  • However, no application is necessary if limited to uploading on personal social media or for personal use.