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The first entertainment DAO project in Japan.

"SUPER SAPIENSS" will be jointly produced and directed by three directors who have led the Japanese entertainment and film industry: Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Katsuyuki Motohiro, and Yuichi Sato, and film producer Takeshi Moriya.

Together with the supporters, they will take on the challenge of "the entire process from the creation of the original story to its visualization and distribution (distribution)," a first in the history of the Japanese film industry.



History of Humankind + Super Powers + Reincarnation

202*, Japan. There were numerous murders are caused by goldfishes.

Erika Tamaki from the Special Department of Public Safety and Paranormal Matter Supposition Group(Para Matter) together with old hand detective Denzou Yamanaka and a new graduate from The University of Tokyo Yukine Tachibana starts the investigation.

Bullets in the shape of goldfish, vanishing bodies, relics from the age of Gods.. Erika and the group come into contact with various “Abnormal phenomena” to finally reach upon the keyword: “The Wrath of Neanderthal”.

This is a story that focuses on Erika, Denzou and Yukine who face the big “Mystery” taking its roots in the history of humanity.

- NFT -

Generative NFT based on the world of SUPER SAPIENSS

Your NFT, your will, will enter the world of WEBTOON and movies and solve cases and mysteries together with the main characters...

You are the creator of SUPER SAPIENSS!

White Paper (jp)White Paper (En)



Holding NFT will appear in WEBTOON and live-action film productions.
Your NFT will appear as signboards, logos, and characters in the films.
We would like to discuss the proposal of appearing in the works in the community too.
Right to propose ESP ideas for SUPER SAPIENSS
Please let us know your ideas of ESP that you would like to see in the works.
If you have a good idea, we will actually reflect it in the works.
Preferential purchase rights for derived NFTs
SUPER SAPIENSS has an element of "reincarnation".
In the future, NFTs may be "reincarnated" under certain conditions, and a completely new design of NFT may become available.
Various other rights
Have a hands-on first experience of NFT projects / Access to early information.
Special Collaboration depending on the NFT owning period and the timing of acquiring it.
Have the right to use the owned NFT for sale.

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Sunday, December 18, 2022 at 1:30 pm (JST)

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AL (Allow List) holders’ maximum amount to mint is 5 units per wallet address

AL will be a lottery

※For the designated AL, please check below or our Discord

Collaborated AL/OG Role AL/AL winners in Giveaway Campaign /Winners in lottery applications from this site

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AL (Allow List) holders’ maximum amount to mint is 5 units per wallet address

AL will be a lottery

The 2nd Pre-Sale will be ended when the number of sales is reached

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Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 2:00 pm -

Monday, December 19, 2022 at 2:00 pm (JST)

  • $125 *Credit card payment accepted (includes token)
  • *Equivalent to 120 yen per dollar.
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Price includes NFT and SUPER SAPIENSS token within FiNANCiE.

Japan only

Credit card/bank transfer/The convenience store settlement accepted

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Sunday, December 25, 2022 at 8:00 pm (JST)

500 + the amount not sold out in the Pre-Sale at the Minting site
No limit
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In the unlikely event that not all of the items are minted at the public sale, the NFT will be collected by the management team and will used for future development etc., and we will take care not to make a selling pressure.

ETH Settlements

- Collaboration -

- TEAM -

Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Director of Office Crescendo Inc.

Worked on TV dramas, movies, and stage productions such as "The Kindaichi Case Files", "TRICK", and "SPEC".
While his expressive activities were restricted due to the infestation of the COVID-19, he produced the independent film "truth" (2022) with his friends, which won numerous international film awards.

Main Works

  • Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo Shanghai Gyojin Densetsu (1997)
  • Shinsei Toilet no Hanako-san(1998)
  • Keizoku Eiga Beautiful Dreamer(2000)
  • Gekijou Ban TRICK Series(2002-2014)
  • Memories of Tomorrow(2006)
  • Taitei no Ken(2007)
  • Hotai Club(2007)
  • Jigyaku no Uta (2007)
  • 20th Century Boys(2008-2009) 
  • BECK(2010年)
  • Gekijou Ban SPEC Series(2012, 2013)
  • Initiation Love(2015.05)
  • Tenkuu No Hachi(2015.09)
  • 12 Nin No Shinitai Kodomotachi(2019.01)
  • Nozomi(2020.10, KADOKAWA)
  • ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×20 FILM “Record of Memories”(2021.11)
  • Truth-Kashimashiki Tomurai No Hate-(2022.01)
Katsuyuki Motohiro
Member of Planning Department in Production I.G

Made his first appearance with the first directed movie “Seventh of July, Sunny Day” in 1996. In 2003, the released movie “BAYSIDE SHAKEDOWN 2” became the highest-grossing Japanese movie (live-action) at the time. After the release of the “Maku ga Agaru” movie (Based on the play by Oriza Hirata and featuring idol girl group “Momoiro Clover Z”) in 2015, was in charge of the staging for the theatrical adaptation of the movie. The latest theatrical plays are “PSYCHO-PASS The Stage Virtue and Vice”, “Tenkousei”, etc.
Received the 2019 National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan circle Award “Grand Prix” for his HTB’s 50th anniversary TV show “Channel wa Sonomama! ”. Latest movies are: “Ajin” (2017), “Beautiful Dreamer” (2020), “Brave -Gunjou Senki-” (2021), TV series “NANBA MG5” (2022), etc.

Main Works

  • Seventh of July, Sunny Day(1996)
  • Our Movie Series: Tomoko's Case (1996)
  • BAYSIDE SHAKEDOWNSeries(1998-2012)
  • Space Travelers(2000)
  • Satorare: TRIBUTE to a SAD GENIUS(2000)
  • Koushounin Mashita Masayoshi(2005)
  • Summer Time Machine Blues(2005)
  • UDON(2006)
  • Shaolin Girl(2008)
  • Magare! Spoon(2009)
  • Maku ga Agaru(2015)
  • Ajin(2017)
  • Laughing Under the Clouds(2018)
  • Beautiful Dreamer(2020)
  • Brave -Gunjou Senki-(2021)
  • PSYCHO-PASS(2012~)
Yuichi Satou
Member of Kyodo Television

Has worked on many successful TV shows such as “Furuhata Ninzaburo”, “Bokuno Ikiru Michi”, ”Oooku”, ”Waterboys“, “Strawberry Night”.
In 2005 he debuted as a movie director with the “Pray” movie. Has also directed “Nounai Poison Berry”, “Kasane”, “Welove.”. His third film, "Kisaragi," won numerous awards, including the 50th (2007) Blue Ribbon Award for Best Picture and the 31st Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Picture (2008). He also won the Kaneto Shindo Award Silver Prize and the Japan Academy Film Prize for Best Director.

Main Works

  • Pray (2005)
  • Simsons(2006)
  • Kisaragi(2007)
  • Shugo Tenshi(2009)
  • Black Gaisha Ni Tsutometerundaga.Mou Ore Ha Genkai Kamo Shirenai(2009)
  • Strawberry night(2013)
  • Nounai Poison Berry(2015)
  • Kasane(2018)
  • Welove.(2018)
  • The End of the Tiny World(2021)
Takeshi Moriya
Atmovie Inc. - CEO and Founder

At the age of 27, he made his debut as a producer for Fuji Television.
Produced dramas such as "Searchin’ for my polestar" (Fuji TV), "The Quiz Show" (Nippon TV), and "Midnight Diner" (MBS).
Produced films such as "Bread of Happiness" (directed by Yukiko Mishima,2012), "Laughing Under the Clouds" (directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro,2018), "The First Supper" (directed by Shiro Tokiwa,2019).
Directed "Samulife(2015)" and "Anniversary(2016)".Author of "100 Questions for My Mother","Simsons," and other books.
Latest productions are "Tokyo Love Story" (FOD/Amazon Prime) and the movie "Midnight Swan" (directed by Eiji Uchida, 9 awards including Best Picture at the 44th Japan Academy Film Prize).
As a planning producer who is constantly making new content.

Main Works as Producer

Bread of Happiness (2012)
Laughing Under the Clouds(2018)
Midnight Swan(2020)
(Best Picture Award at Japan Academy Film Prize, Golden Mulberry Award at Far East Film Festival, Audience Award at Toronto Japanese Film Festival, etc.)
【TV Shows】
Searchin’ for my polestar(2002)
THE 3 Mei Sama(2006-)
The Quiz Show(2008, 2009)
33 Minutes Detective(2008, 2009)
Midnight Diner(2009)
All Esper Dayo!(2013)
Tokyo Love Story(2020)

And Other
Adviser on WEBTOON comics; Supervising Director of NFT design
Youhei Sadoshima
Cork Inc. - CEO and Founder

After graduating Humanities and Sociology faculty at The University of Tokyo he joined manga publishing company Kodansha, there he worked as a reserved director at the “Morning” editorial department on mangas such as Takehiko Inoue’s “Vagabond” and Moyoco Anno’s “Sakuran”.
In 2003 he was in charge of Norifusa Mita “Dragon Zakura”. Also was in charge of making anime and live-action adaptation of the “Space Brothers” manga by Chuya Koyama.
In addition, he was in charge of the novels such as: Kotaro Isaka, ”Modern Times”, Keiichiro Hirano, “Fill in the Blanks”, etc.
In October 2012, he left Kodansha and started the creator agency Cork Inc. He always explores the nature of entertainment in the age of the Internet. At the Cork Studio he, with new mangakas, attempts to make a vertical scroll manga format so anyone in the world can read it.

Main Works

  • “Doragon Zakura”
  • “Space Brothers”
  • “Vagabond”
  • “Hataraki Man”
  • “Modern Times”
Project Promotion Advisor
Hironao Kunimitsu
  • gumi Inc. - Founder
  • Thirdverse Inc. - CEO and Founder
  • Financie Inc. - CEO and Founder
  • gumi cryptos capital - Managing Partner

Graduated from Santa Monica College, U.S.A.
In May 2004, joined At movie Inc.In the same year, he became a director in charge of producing movies and TV dramas and launching new businesses. In June 2007, founded gumi Inc. and became President and CEO.
CEO and Representative Director of Thirdverse Inc. and CEO and Representative Director of Financie Inc. in August 2021.
Managing Partner of gumi cryptos capital since September 2021.